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Collection: Fallen Angel x BRUTE!

Introducing pulp artwork to the fashion industry, Fallen Angel x BRUTE! is a collaboration between LA-based fashion designer Sara Hojjat and Czech Republic commercial artist Aidan Hughes. Hojjat, no stranger of bringing controversy to her designs, wanted to introduce the high-contrast colors and controversial, vulgar yet nostalgic artwork of pulp magazines to the fashion world.  The collection entails a pulp magazine style in it's prime, with high-contrast colors and controversial, vulgar artwork. The inspiration for the design came from a series of books Hughes wrote in the 80s and is the cover of his latest, The COMPLETE BRUTE! Based on the men's magazine covers of the 40s and 50s, it lampoons and homages the tough guy imagery of the era. Aidan's company, BRUTE! Propaganda, specialises in artwork which combines early 20th century wood-cuts, post-war movie posters and Soviet propaganda into a style completely its own. 

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